The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) published its weekly report documenting the Israeli violations and attacks in the Palestinian territories and reported that soldiers killed 79 Palestinians, including children, in the period between 6 – 12 July, 2006.

The report also documented that Israeli attacks since Israeli carried its offensive in the Gaza Strip three weeks ago.

 The center reported that during the reported period, Israeli soldiers killed 79 Palestinians, including 19 children and 2 women in the Gaza Strip, thirty-four of the victims were resistance activists targeted in non-combat situations, categorizing these killings as “extra-judicial assassinations.”

Among the killed, forty-two civilians, including 17 children, 2 women, and 3 handicapped Palestinians were killed in the Israeli attacks.

Among the casualties were a man, his wife, and 7 of their children on 12 July 2006. The incident took place when an Israeli fighter jet dropped 2 bombs on their house in Sheikh Radwan Quarter, north of Gaza City.

Also, a mother and 2 of her children were killed when an Israeli fighter jet dropped a bomb on Gaza City on 8 July 2006.  

266 residents, including 63 children, were injured in one week.

Since Israel launched its “Summer Rains” offensive in the Gaza Strip in June 25, 2006 the following casualties and attacks were reported.

Eighty-eight Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed.
345 residents, including 79 children, were injured.
110 missiles were fired against civilian and military targets in the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of shells were fired from the sea.
Israeli soldiers shelled the building of the Ministry of Interior, the office of the Prime Minster, and several educational institutions.
Troops shelled main power-generators in the Gaza Strip leaving 45% of the residents their without electricity.
Soldiers shelled three main bridges linking the southern and central areas of the Gaza Strip with the north, and destroyed three main roads in Khan Younis and Al Nusseirat.
Hundreds of dunams of agricultural lands were bulldozed.
Dozens of houses were demolished.
Hundreds of civilians, eight ministers and twenty legislators were arrested.
Hundreds of families were forced out of their houses and took schools are shelters.
–     Since Israel started its offensive in the Gaza Strip, at least 250 families (approximately 2000 residents) were rendered homeless after being forced to leave them, while dozens of houses were shelled.

In the West Bank, soldiers carried at least 33 invasions during the period of the reported and occupied several areas in the Gaza Strip.

76 civilians, including three children and one woman were arrested. Dozens of civilians were used as human shields, while at least five houses were used as military posts in the West Bank.

Also in the West Bank, soldiers broke into several institutions, including charitable societies and used them as military posts.

The construction of the annexation Wall in the West Bank continued and at least 45 dunams of farmlands were annexed in Hebron area.

Settlers continued their attacks against the residents and burnt a Palestinian house, south of Hebron.  

The extensive siege imposed on the Palestinian territories caused a complete economic collapse while Israel continued to isolate some 1.5 million residents in the Gaza Strip.  

Dozens of residents, including the handicapped, are still stuck on the Rafah border crossing after it was sealed by Israel.  Five residents, including a child, died at the crossing while Israel is still detaining their bodies.

At least twelve Palestinians were arrested on military checkpoints in the West Bank.

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