The Palestinian Ministry of Health has recently made it known that the Israeli army is using radioactive and toxic shells against unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip. Medics and surgeons throughout the Gaza Strip say they are dealing with new kinds of injuries resulting from these Israeli shells .

The Ministry reports that most of the 249 injuries inflicted on the Palestinians in Gaza since the offensive began have been caused by this new form of toxic shrapnel, which is leading to full amputations or extremely severe burnt flesh.

Dr. Joma’a Al Sakka told Voice of Palestine Radio that "These tissues die, they do not survive, which obliges us to perform arm or leg amputations, and there are fragments which penetrate the body and do not show up on X-rays. When entering the body they spark like a combustion firearm, but not chemically. They seem radioactive.”  Dr. Al Sakka went on to say that it is difficult to diagnose such injuries due to the fact that the Israelis destroyed their lab.

The Ministry of Health has asked for the international communities and other human rights groups to send medical teams to examine the injured and to verify its report of ‘s use of these banned weapons. Yet Dr. Al Sakka stated that "no one has lifted a finger." The medical international community remains silent.

The has recently vetoed a UN resolution condemning the Israeli attacks against the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip. At least 88 Palestinians, more than half of tem were civilians were killed and around 345 were wounded in Israeli artillery, war planes and tanks attacks in the Gaza Strip since June 29 in a military offensive which Israel calls "Operation Summer Rains."  The operation is aimed, according to Israeli military officials, at freeing an Israeli soldier captured in a military operation launched by Palestinian resistance at Kerem Shalom military base on June 26, yet has rejected all offers of prisoner swap deals proposed by the resistance groups.