Human rights sources reported that upon expressing a sense of hope at the Lebanese capture of two occupying Israeli soldiers, Israeli prison authorities cut all television channels in its prisons other than Israeli Channel 2 to political prisoners.


Based on clandestine telephone conversation with Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli Al Naqab (Negev) Prison, the latest Israeli restriction follows a long line of punitive measures to destroy the spirit of people attempting to survive its prison system. More than 10,000 of ’s political prisoners are Palestinian, and with them are Lebanese, Jordanian, and other Arabs.


Sources in the prisons and human rights organizations report that Israeli prison authorities made the same violation in Mejido and Hadarim prisons, and put 20 Palestinians in solitary confinement.


Elected Palestinian Legislative Council member, Fateh leader in the West Bank Marwan Al Barghouti was among the revelers in the announcement of the Palestinian and Lebanese achievement. The resistance now have three Israeli prisoners, while the Israelis hold thousands without charge or trial, or condemned with secret evidence that even lawyers are not allowed to view.

The political prisoners issued a statement that said, “We are a family and our issue is a humanitarian one. Anyone interested in international law can clearly see that we are violated by an occupier and cruel usurper.”