Israeli sources reported on Friday that Hezbollah fighters fired several Katyusha shells at several areas, north of the country; 24 Israelis were reportedly injured, two seriously. The shells were fired at Safad, Nahariya, Hatzor Haglilit,  Kiryat Shmona, Kibbutz Baram in the Upper Galilee, and Rosh Pina.

Israeli medical sources in Nahariya reported that eights Israelis were injured after several shells were fired at their town.

Also, head of the emergency room in Zef Hospital in Safad, reported that twelve Israelis were hospitalized, one in a serious condition after Hezbollah fired at least 14 Katyusha shells in three attacks. The shells also caused power blackout in the area.
Four Israelis were injured in Hatzor Haglilit town, while one car was directly hits and burnt.

Israeli sources reported on Friday afternoon that Hezbollah fighters fired Katyusha shells at Safad town, north of Israel. One of the shells hit a residential building; eights Israelis were injured, two moderately; the building sustained heavy damage, while several surrounding buildings sustained damage especially to the windows, while cars parked on the streets were smashed by cement fallout.

Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that several Israelis were also injured in the upper Galilee village of Peki’in after four rockets were fired at the area, as well as in the community of Hatzor Haglilit where two people were lightly wounded.

Also, three Katyusha rockets hit Kiryat Shmona on Friday afternoon, but no casualties were reported.

Haaretz added that Hezbollah fighters fired on Friday morning and afternoon Katyusha rockets at Kibbutz Baram in the Upper Galilee, at Safad, Rosh Pina, and also at Nahariya, north of Israel.

Two Israelis were mildly injured  wounded in Nahariya, while one woman was treated for shock in Safad.

Also in Nahariya, several shells reportedly landed in open areas near and sparked fires, and in an areas between Kibbutz Kabri and the village of Sheikh Danoch firefighters were seen battling a large blaze that erupted there after Katyusha shells hit the area.  No injuries were reported.

Also, Haaretz added  that for the first time Katyusha shells struck Haifa, Israel’s third-largest city, the incident took place on Thursday night.

The Israeli Home Front Command ordered area residents Friday to stay near bomb shelters so they could go inside as soon as they hear an air-raid siren, Haaretz said.

In a separate incident, four Israelis were mildly injured after homemade shells were fired at the Israeli Negev town of Sderot. One building was damaged, and was caught on fire, no injuries were reported.

On Thursday, two Israelis were killed by rocket fire  in the northern towns of Nahariya and Safad.

Katyusha shells also fell in the town of Carmiel, but there were no injuries. One Israeli was injured in the nearby village of Majdal Qrum.

Also on Thursday, the Israeli air strikes that targeted several areas in the southern suburbs of Beirut and across southern Lebanon have killed fifty-three civilians. Also, the army air-struck  Beirut airport two times on Thursday, setting fuel tanks ablaze. The airport is Lebanon’s only international air facility.
Lebanese official sources reported that the airport will remain shut at least 48 hours.

Mohammad Safadi, the Lebanese Transportation Minister, said that the airport will be partially opened after 48 hours, but the reopening time will be decided by the Lebanese cabinet since it needs a political decision.   

Israel first struck the capital’s airport early in the morning and began enforcing a naval blockade, expanding reprisals since Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers a day earlier, the Qatar based Al Jazeera news channel reported.

Lebanese security sources reported that at least 100 residents were injured, ten members of the same family were killed in Dweir village, and seven family members were killed in Baflay town.