Eyewitnesses said Israeli warplanes fired several rockets at dawn today, destroying buildings in near Jabaliya Refugee Camp north of Gaza City. The targets were elected government officials who ran and won on the Hamas “Change and Reform” ticket in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections.

Security sources and eyewitnesses reported that Israeli warplanes launched a series of successive air attacks on various locations in both the south and the north of Gaza City early Friday. Palestinian Legislative Council members in the Hamas party changed their offices in the Gaza Strip in light of the increased Israeli assassination attempts.

The sources added that Israeli warplanes fired a rocket, destroying a small bridge that connected Nuseirat Refugee Camp in the mid-Gaza Strip to Gaza City in the north.

Israeli warplanes continued to fly over the Gaza Strip and fired several missiles at both resistance and security training camps for the police and the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed resistance wing affiliated with the Fateh political party, in Jabaliya Refugee Camp.

Before dawn Friday Palestinian medical sources confirmed that an Israeli tank shelled a heavy-caliber shot in the middle of the night at a civilian Palestinian car traveling on the road east of Deir Al Belah in the mid-Strip, killing and injuring Palestinians.

Israeli tanks in the eastern mid-Gaza Strip opened fire and killed the car’s driver and injured a family member in the car, according to medical source reports. Eyewitnesses say the explosion was enormous, and that when ambulances rushed to the scene Israeli forces opened heavy fire on them.

Israeli reconnaissance aircraft flew at dawn today throughout the Gaza skies and security sources said that the first rockets were fired on southern Gaza City. The first of those hit the Palestinian Electric Company.