A senior officer of the Israeli army reported on Friday that the army is planning to bomb a Hezbollah headquarters in a densely populated area of south Beirut on Friday.

According to Israeli sources, the army has dropped leaflets warning civilians of the impending attack which is planned against a densely populated area where where thousands of people live in multi-story residential buildings.

The officer also said that the army will attack “more significant targets” than the targets attacked so far

"We will attack more significant targets than we have attacked until now," the officer said. "If we had chosen to bomb earlier, it would have ended with hundreds of civilians killed”.

He added that any civilian who choses to remain in the area will put his own life in danger. He also said any civilian who chooses to remain in the area is putting his life in danger.

The Israeli military announcement to shell populated areas in Beirut came shortly after Israeli aircraft fired missiles at the Beirut international airport for the second day in a row. The air force also shelled a bridge in the southern suburb of Beirut, and the fuel stores of the Jiyyeh power plant south of the city.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah official Ghalib Abu Zainab said on Friday the the group will Haifa if Israel attacks Beirut.

Israel Air Force planes bombed Beirut’s international airport Friday, a few hours after striking a Hezbollah stronghold, the Lebanese Army responded with anti-aircraft fire.

Three Lebanese were killed and at least 55 were injured by Israeli missiles earlier on Friday. Since Wednesday, at least 51 Lebanese were killed, only one of the killed is a Hezbollah fighter, while the rest are civilians.