Palestinian detainees in Shatta Israeli detention facility continued their hunger strike for the fourth consecutive day in protest to the bad living conditions and bad treatment they face.

Head of the Tulkarem office of the Palestinian Prisoners society, Halima Parmalat, said on Saturday that the detainees conducted their strike after the Israeli soldiers broke into their room and attacks them using batons.

Parmalat added that the detainees are also protesting against the bad living conditions they face and the continuous violations practiced by the prison administration and the soldiers against them.

Also, Parmalat added that soldiers broke into the sections of the detention facility and attacked the detainees with batons in addition to using water hoses and firing gas cannisters at them. The attack was carried out after the detainees expressed support to the families in Gaza subjected to daily attacks by the Israeli soldiers operating in the Gaza Strip since three weeks.  

Several detainees were injured and sustained bruises but were not provided with any medical treatment by the prison administration.

Palestinian Legislator and the previous head of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Issa Qaraqe’, said that the Israeli government should stop its attacks and start talks over a prisoners swap if it wants to free its soldier capture by the resistance in Gaza.

He added that the military attacks are a “sort of revenge” that is carried out as a result of its military failure.

At least 9500 Palestinians are currently imprisoned in Israeli prisons and detention facilities, among them dozens of women, children and sick detainees who need immediate medical attention and treatment.