The Israeli air force shelled several buildings in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and the city of Trablus, north of Lebanon, soldiers also shelled a seaport north of Beirut, and the coastal area of Amsheet. Medical sources in Lebanon reported that 23 residents were killed when Israeli war planes bombed a bus of evacuees from southern Lebanon who had fled their homes to seek safety further north, on Saturday afternoon.

The Israeli army carried four air strikes that targeted Al Dahia Al Janoubiyya area in Beirut, and targeted two vehicles transporting civilians leaving their areas fearing additional Israeli attacks. Fifteen civilians including children were killed in the attack.

The air force attacked several offices for Hezbollah party in the area in addition to shelling houses of Hezbollah leaders there.

Also, one Lebanese resident was killed in an Israeli air strikes that targeted an area close to the Lebanese-Syrian borders.

Twenty Lebanese residents were killed in three Israeli air strikes that targeted Ba’labak city in Lebanon. Soldiers also shelled Al Aab city.

The Lebanese Ministry of Health reported that 79 residents were killed and 250 were injured since Israel launched its offensive in Lebanon on Wednesday. Many of the casualties are women and children.

The Israeli army used loud speakers demanding the residents to leave their cities located south of Lebanon.  

Dozens of residents tried to take refuge in the centers of the international forces operating in southern Lebanon but they were denied entry and forced away.

Hezbollah, for its part, didn’t allow the Israeli "foolishness" pass unpunished as volleys of their missiles struck the northern city of Tiberius, Israeli occupied since 1948, that is located 35 km away from the Lebanese borders with Palestine for the first time ever since the start of the Israeli aggressions, the Qatar based Al Jazeera TV reported on its website.

The part fired 12 Katusha shells at Tiberius, which is only 30 km away form the vital coastal city of Haifa.