A Golf  ball landed in my front yard. It came from the direction of my neighbor across the street. I was not sure if one of my neighbor’s kids threw it on purpose or by accident. My seven year old son threw it back in the direction of the house were it came from and broke a window.

The neighbor came over to my house,  broke the front door, entered the house, killed my wife, my 4 months old baby, my elderly mother, my seven year old son, raped my 12 year old daughter, and then burnt my house. I survived the attack just because I was out of the house at the time. When I got home people in the neighborhood were out looking at my burning house, and began what sounded like a chant.  I thought they were upset at what happened to my family and my house. After my initial shock subsided, I was able to comprehend what my neighbors were saying. They actually were screaming and pointing their fingers at me saying,

“Your son started it !  He broke Mr. Olmret’s window and that boy got what he deserved.”

My big brother, who happened to live two houses down, saw everything from the balcony of his 4-story villa while he was smoking his Cuban Cigar, sipping on his Jack Daniels whiskey, and running his fingers through his latest young blonde’s hair.  He struggled to stand up.

 “I told you that boy was going to be trouble one day.”  He added: “ Now we might have some quiet in this neighborhood.”

For the first time in my life I am actually free. I am free of a life long complexity that I have held along with one-and-a half Billion Muslims and Arabs –  the legend of the superiority of the Zionists in the Middle East.  We were told that defeated seven Arab armies. We were told that is so strong that it can do whatever it wants and no one can challenge her. We  were raised to actually believe that.

’s war program can actually be defeated and lasting peace can finally reign on the most troubled area in the World.  The Arabs can and should defeat ’s war program designed for the region. Now the Arabs and Muslims must stand together to put some sense into the beast’s head.  Instead of pointing fingers at the Palestinians and the Lebanese, they should enter the war that is killing little children and destroying the livelihood of these two peoples.

This may have been an adventure for Hizbullah, and Nusrallah, but now it’s our adventure.  The moment of truth is now for all Arab and Muslim governments, and all Arab and Muslim peoples.  I am not telling anyone to fire a single bullet at . I am not calling for to be wiped out of anywhere. The Arabs have recognized and agreed in the Beirut Summit in 2000 to extend the hand of peace to , but refused that hand. We can force a regime change in that  would actually accept peace.

The Arab people are ready and ready now. The time is ripe and it is now or never. Arab governments better go along with the people in their streets or they will find themselves in the graveyard of history. They have the power, they have the money, and they have the means.  They just need to use it.  If we can turn a desert into ‘Alp Ski Mountains’ we can use our wealth to challenge Jewish wealth around the world.  We have a commodity the World needs. We are not asking the World to do anything but be JUST and FAIR with our plights. The West needs us, we don’t need them.  Wealth buys influence. Decades of oil wealth have given Arabs the wealth that challenges Jewish wealth which has been acquired over the centuries.   Arab wealth can go further than Jewish wealth in lobbying leverage. The Saudis alone of all Muslims hold about a trillion dollars in assets. They buy and actually pay for more made weapons than . Arab economic force alone can do the job. We do not need to kill any one in the process.

On June 12, 2003 in Beirut, the Arab city that is being raped by the Israelis while the Arab governments are enjoying their Cuban cigars, held the first meeting of the Arab Thought Foundation(ATF), a joint effort between the late Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafeeq Al Hariri and Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, the Governor of Assir region and the Chairman of the Board  of the Arab Thought Foundation. Over 300 hundred Arab thinkers from across the Arab world gathered in Downtown Beirut. While they enjoyed their Cuban cigars, they talked about the Arab renaissance.  Prince Khalid, during the first session of the Arab thinkers said: “ The foundation is seeking to create a mechanism to bring Arab thoughts together.” He added that Arab wealth will be at the disposal of Arab thinkers and said:

"The time is ripe for Arabs to produce their own development plans" (instead of "relying on non-Arabs.") 

I say AMEN to that. Now is the time, my dear Prince, to put our money where our mouth is, and bring these 300 hundred Arabs to think of ways to use that wealth for what is best for the Arab nation.