The Israeli army resumed its shelling to Al Dahia area, in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and killed 16 residents, including three children, at least 56 residents were injured in the attack. The latest attack rises the number of Lebanese killed on Sunday to 44, including seven Lebanese soldiers.

A Lebanese police source reported on Sunday that 16 civilians were killed and 36 were injured after the Israeli air force shelled a civilian populated area in southern Lebanon.

Five bodies were also found under the rubble of shelled houses in Al Nabatiyya village, 70 kilometers south-east of Beirut. At least 11 residents, including three children were injured in the attack that targeted a two-story house.

Seven Lebanese soldiers were killed when a military intelligence center was hit by Israeli shells in the coastal town of Abde, in the north of Lebanon.

Rescue teams in Lebanon reported that their faced various obstacles while attempting to rescue the residents as the Israeli army continued shelling the areas in spite of their presence. The teams also have limited resources and means.

Also, four Lebanese were killed, and ten were injured, in a separate air strike that targeted a house in in Borj town, 83km south of Beirut.

One civilian was killed and three other were injured after an Israeli shell hit a house in Dir Qanoun town, near Sour, south of Beirut.

The Lebanese Red Cross reported that two Lebanese civilians were killed when three Israeli missiles hit houses in the village of Jalala, in the Zahle region in eastern Lebanon.

Three more civilians were killed south east of Beirut just before midnight when Israeli air raids hit a house in the Chouf mountains region, the Lebanese police reported.

Also, Israeli gunboats shelled a house in the Kharroub region south of Beirut, killing four villagers and injuring ten. Israeli army sources reported that the army was apparently aiming at a relay station for Hezbollah’s al-Manar television missed their target.

Two people were killed, and 23 were injured after the army shelled a Beirut-Damascus highway at Taanayel in the central section of the Beqa’ Valley.

Nineteen houses were burnt in southern Lebanon as a result of the Israeli shelling, while the Lebanese government accused Israel of using burning phosphoric bombs, which are banned internationally.

Also, the Lebanese president, Emile Lahhoud,  accused the Israeli army of using internationally barred weapons against Lebanon.

He added that the weapons Israel is using against Lebanon are part of the “series of massacres Israel is carrying against the civilians while the international community is idle”.