The Ramatan news agency reported, on Monday, that Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya, said on Monday that the aim of the Israeli military attacks in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon are not purely motivated by issue of the captured soldiers.

Talking to several reporters in his partially destroyed office after being repeatedly targeted by Israeli shells, Haniyya said that Israeli attacks on Gaza and Lebanon are a clear proof that Israel has preplanned “a scheme to break the Palestinian and Arab determinations to liberate the Arab lands from the Israeli occupation”.

He added that the continuous attacks carried by Israel in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon, which included targeting Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, are part of the Israeli plan to control the area and enforce its agenda.

“But Israel cannot crack the determination of the [Islamic] nation”, he added, “This is a systematic war against the Palestinians and their infrastructure”.  

Commenting on the statements of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and his recent calls for a coalition government, Haniyya said that the issue of a national unity government in Palestine are part of the Palestinian harmony and unity.

Haniyya also said that the Hamas-led Palestinian government will study this issue and define the needed mechanisms to achieve a national unity government as soon as the crises (the Israeli operations) is over.