Israeli sources reported that eleven Israelis were injured in the northern Israeli town of Safad and two more Israelis were injured after Hezbollah fired missiles at what is being described as “a sensitive facility” in Israel. Ten Israelis suffered shock and were transferred to a medical center.

The sources stated that serenes were heard in Haifa and that three missiles fired by Hezbollah fighters detonated in open areas with no injuries being reported.

Dozens of missiles and shells were fired throughout the Galilee including the “Marom Hagalil” regional council in the Galilee and the areas of Maalot, Al Matalla, Miron, Kfar Yoval, Hosoun, Dilton, Sikhneen, and a settlement in the Galilee.  
More shells were also fired at Safad and the Rosh Bena, Hatzor Hagilileet, and Ras Al Naqoura area in northern Israel.

Israeli radio reported that the evening attack were the most violent and most intense strikes since the clashes erupted last Wednesday. Dozens of missiles were fired by Hezbollah fighters in less than an hour.  

Four Israelis were injured in Safad, including two workers at a “sensitive facility” in northern Israel. Ten other workers were treated for shock  at a medical center in the Galilee.

An Israel Air Force air strike in Lebanon Monday destroyed at least one long-range Iranian-made missile capable of hitting Tel Aviv, Israel Defense Forces officials said.

Israeli officials reported that the Israeli air force targeted a Hezbollah truck carrying weapons before they could be launched.

They claimed that soldiers destroyed an Iranian-made "Zilzal” which has a range of about 200 kilometers.

Israeli military sources also said that so far Hezbollah fighters fired missile up to 40 kilometers into Israel, but expressed concerns that the group might have missiles that could hit Tel Aviv, nearly 120 kilometers south of the Lebanese borders.