Israeli forces have officially pulled out of Beit Hanoun after two days of occupying the northern Gaza Strip town. Over the course of two days, the Israeli military caused extensive material damage. In addition, forces killed eight of the town’s residents and injured some 52 others, several of which are in critical condition.
Israeli forces withdraw from Beit Hanoun

In a press conference Tuesday morning held by the Municipality of Beit Hanoun, the Palestinian Minister of Refugees, Dr. Atef Odwan, reported that the volume of damage caused by the Israeli forces is likely to total over seven million dollars (USD).

Dr. Odwan stated that the losses included the demolition of seven houses and damage to 19 others. He told PNN that the Israeli forces also caused substantial damage to the town’s main roads, schools, farms, and a nearby cemetery.

The Minister concluded by promising the people of Beit Hanoun that the Ministry of Refugees will survey the extent of the damage and work to provide assistance to those rendered homeless.