Israeli Public Security Minister, Avi Dichter, said on Tuesday that Israel may have to consider prisoners swap deal, and negotiate with Hezbollah over the issue in order to end the current crisis.

Dichter is the former head of the Shin bet Israeli security service, it was not clear if his statements came on behalf of the government or if he was giving his person opinion.

In an interview with the Israeli army Radio, Dichter stated that he believes that at the end “Israel will bring the soldiers home and if one of the ways must be through a negotiation about Lebanese prisoners, I think the day will arrive when we must consider [this] as well”, Israeli online daily, Haaretz.

Dichter added the Israel fears that Hezbollah might take advantage of the cease-fire “to restore its military capabilities and purchase arms”.

Moreover, Israeli army deputy chief, Moshe Kaplinski,  said on Tuesday that a ground offensive in Lebanon could not be ruled out as a way to free the abducted soldiers and stop the firing of shells into Israel.   

Kaplinski added that the Israeli army has many possibilities for action, but added that at this stage he does not think that Israel should activate a massive ground offensive.

“we will do this if he have to”, he added.