Wednesday morning, Israeli troops invaded Al Maghazi refugee camp in Gaza, killing 6 Palestinians. The victims are Mohammad Al-Bashiti 25, Omar Sarhan Abu Emhesen 21, Mohammad Abu Sheba 21, Said Kundeel 21, Ali Najar 18 and Ahmad Aawad 18. At least 55 Palestinians were wounded; at least 5 of them are children.


More than 2 houses and an elementary school were hit by Israeli missiles. It has been reported that Israeli undercover units are located in the East of Maghazi refugee camp.

The Al Maghazi refugee camp is located near the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel and across from the Palestinian town of Dir al-Balah. The camp holds 22 000 residents.

The invasion of Al Maghazi was preceded by hours of tank movements on the Israeli side and exchange of fires between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian resistance fighters.
The Gaza strip has been under Israeli siege since 3 weeks, after resistance fighters abducted an Israeli soldier and killed two others.

Hamas leaders stated that the soldier will be freed on the condition of liberating 1000 Palestinians from Israeli prisons. Israeli government rejected any negotiations over the release of its captured soldiers.