Israeli air strikes targeting the north and east suburbs of Beirut have killed at least 29 people Tuesday, raising the deathtoll to more than 254 Lebanese since the Israeli offensive started a week ago.In southern Lebanon, nine civilians from the same family, including children, were killed and four others were wounded when a missile destroyed their home in the Lebanese village of Aitarun.

Four other residents were killed in seperate attacks throughout southern Lebanon.

An air strike hit a Lebanese army barrack in the Jumhur area, east of Beirut, killing 11 Lebanese soldiers and injuring 30.

Television footage showed balls of fire and smoke billowing from the destroyed barracks. The Lebanese army has so far tried to stay out of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.

Aljazeera television reported that Israeli forces also attacked targets around Zahle, a mainly Christian town in central Lebanon, and attacked ambulances on nearby roads.

The driver of a truck carrying medical supplies donated by the United Arab Emirates was killed on the Beirut-Damascus highway, the Lebanese health ministry said.

Israel hit targets in southern Beirut surburbs and the northern city of Tripoli as well as two Lebanese army barracks in the Jumhur and Kafarshima areas early on Tuesday.

Loud explosions from the southern suburbs could by heard throughout the Lebanon capital Tuesday, Aljazeera television reported.

Air strikes also caused damage in the Christian coastal town of Byblos, north of Beirut, and eastern town of Baalbek, police reported.