Two Israeli soldiers were killed and six others were injured in clashes between Hezbollah fighters and Israeli troops in Avivim area, close to Keryat Shmoneh settlement, north of the country. Some of the injured soldiers are in serious conditions, the Arabs48 news website reported. 

Choppers and additional infantry units were deployed in the area.

Also, media sources reported that one fighter of Hezbollah was killed in the clashes. Soldiers are currently chasing another fighter in the area.

Israeli sources reported that violent clashes are currently taking place in Avivim area.

Israeli military sources reported that soldiers are currently operating in Ras Al Naqoura area, approximately 1 kilometer inside the Lebanese territories.

The sources added that the army is operating inside the Lebanese territories “to carry out pinpoint operations” to clear all Hezbollah posts in the area, according to the sources.

Army claimed that soldiers destroyed 20 posts of Hezbollah along the border with Israel, and that soldiers are currently operating one kilometers inside the Lebanese territory.

In Haifa, Hezbollah gunmen fired shells at Haifa injuring two Israelis during morning hours. Also, one Israeli was injured Wednesday afternoon by Hezbollah shells in Haifa.