Palestinian and medical sources reported the Israeli army has killed fourteen Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank Wednesday. In a recent attack carried out on Wednesday evening, three Palestinians were killed in Al Maghazi refuge camp in the central Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian medical source at Al Aqsa Hospital in Dir Al Balah, in the central Gaza Strip, reported that three civilians, including a mother and her child, were killed in the attack. At least thirty residents were injured in the attack. Five of the injured are in serious conditions.

The third resident killed Wednesday evening was twenty years old, the source added.

Sixteen of the injured residents lost or suffered burns to several parts of their bodies.  
Earlier on Wednesday, six Palestinians were killed in Al Maghazi after the army, supported by armored vehicles and tanks, invaded an area east of the camp. Shortly before the army carried out the invasion, an undercovered unit invaded it before military bulldozers moved in and leveled three houses.

In the West Bank city of Nablus, soldiers killed five Palestinians and injured dozens of other residents after the army invaded the city and surrounded the Palestinian headquarters and the nearby Ministry of Health.

Soldiers used the building of the ministry as a detention and interrogations center.

The Nablus invasion was carried out by 50 military vehicles and dozens of tanks that invaded the city from several directions, opened fire randomly, and imposed a curfew.

Soldiers surrounded the Palestinian Security headquarters and its prison and used loud speakers to order everybody out.

Several reporters were injured by the Israeli soldiers, in addition to Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, head of the Medical Relief, who was mildly injured in his leg.

An Al Jazeera TV correspondant and her cameraman were injured after a military jeep, driving slowly, came close to her and pushed her, and then soldiers fired rubber-coated at the camera man, mildly injuring him in his leg.