The Secretary for the Committee for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue, Latif Dori, has officially called for an end to the "Israeli massacres" in Lebanon and Gaza.

In a press statement, Dori noted that the families of the three captive Israeli soldiers appearing in the media has laid the foundation for wide-spread public backing of Israeli operations prepared by the Olmert administration.

He stated that while the original purpose of the Israeli operations was to combat terrorism, the Israeli government has failed to achieve its objective in both the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. Instead, he commented, the military has committed a "series of bloody massacres against the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples."

Dori noted that the Israeli aggression has resulted in not only the loss of hundreds of innocent lives, but also the displacement of over half a million Lebanese citizens. He alluded to the fact that such atrocities committed against innocent residents constituted war crimes against humanity, and that those responsible should be brought before an international tribunal.

In concluding, Dori stressed that the only solution to the crisis is not through the use of military force, but rather through peace negotiations without preconditions. He stated, "the goals should be to extricate the region from this spiral of violence, to achieve an end to the occupation, and to restore justice."