Palestinian medical sources in Nablus, in northern the West Bank, reported that a nurse died after the Israeli army charged the Palestinian Security Headquarters in the city with explosives and detonated it. The nurse was killed by one of bricks that flew after the army detonated the building.

The nurse was identified as Ahmad Ennab, 40; he works at Rafidia hospital in the city.

Ennab was near his home in Mo’ta street, at least 400 meters away from the Palestinian headquarters. But the explosives used by the Israeli soldiers in blowing up the security headquarters caused a massive amount of shrapnel, including bricks, mortar and metal to fly hundreds of meters in all directions.

The army has been operating in Nablus since three days; military bulldozers demolished most of the Palestinian security headquarters building. The building includes several offices for the Palestinian Security Forces.

At least five residents were injured on Friday during clashes that erupted in several areas in the city. Most of the clashes took place near the headquarters, Othman Bin Affan street, Amman street, and Al Dahia area.

Six Palestinians were killed and at least sixty were injured during the ongoing military operation. At least 150 Palestinian security members were arrested when the army surrounded the building on Wednesday.