Israeli medical sources reported on Sunday morning that two Israelis were killed and at least 14 others were injured as ten Katusha rockets fired by Hezbollah gunmen hit Haifa, Israel’s third largest city.

According to Israeli military officials, Hezbollah gunmen fired over 1100 shells at Israeli town in the last eleven days killing at least 17 people. Yet, the Israeli attacks on Lebanon killed at least 320 Lebanese, the vast majority of them were civilians.

Besides targeting Hezbollah facilities, the Israeli attacks targeted civil and governmental infrastructure including TV stations.  

Meanwhile, the Israeli army confirmed that it occupied Maroun Al Ras lebanese village after several days of fierce battles there.

Six Israeli commandos and an unknown number of Hezbollah members died in the battle for the village which is less than a kilometer inside Lebanese territory, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.

Moreover, the Israeli army attacked on Sunday factories in Al-Manara and Teanayel in eastern Lebanon as well as towns in southern Lebanon, Haaretz added.

The attacks also targeted the headquarters of Hezbollah in Beirut headquarters. One civilian was killed.

Refugees crises in Lebanon continued as thousands of refugees from south Lebanon have continued to stream northwards after the Israeli army shelled civilian areas and declared its intention to shell more villages after warning the villagers living near the borders to leave their homes, the Qatar based Al Jazeera TV reported.

According top a UN report, approximately 500,000 Lebanese have left their homes since fighting began 11 days ago.

Thousands of Lebanese civilians have fled north fearing an Israeli invasion, about 35,000 refugees had arrived in the city of Sidon alone, Al Jazeera added.

Internationals continue to flee Lebanon as ships and aircraft worked through the night, taking more people from Lebanon to Cyprus and Turkey.

Moreover, a United Nations official in Beirut described that ongoing Israeli military offensive as “war crimes”.

Jan Egeland, the UN emergency relief coordinator, added that these strikes as a violation of the international law, especially since these attacks flattened whole neighborhoods.