Israeli army troops, backed by armored vehicles, invaded the West Bank city of Tulkarem and Tulkarem refugee camp and fired rounds of live ammunition randomly at residents’ houses.
The Palestinian resistance group Suqur Fateh, (Fateh Hawkes) said that its members clashed with the soldiers and exchanged intensive fire with them in Tulkarem refugee camp; no injuries were reported. 

The group added that its fighters detonated an explosive charge in an armored vehicle.

In separate incidents, the Israeli army continued imposing its military blockade around the city of Tulkarem, closing its main roads and the roads leading to the surounding villages with piles of dirt and concrete blocks, obstructing the movement of the citizens travelling on these roads.

Also on Wednesday morning, an Israeli temporary checkpoint was installed on Al Jarusheyah entrance, north of Tulkarem, which connects the city with Al Sha’raweyah village.  Soldiers searched the vehicles and checked the identity cards of the residents. 

Moreover, soldiers stationed at Ennab checkpoint, east of Tulkarem, and at tunnel checkpoint in the south, barred residents of the area who are under 35 years old, from entering of leaving Tulkarem and its nearby villages.