As the Israeli soldiers continue their offensive in the Gaza Strip, twenty-two Palestinian residents, including three children, were killed by Israeli shells, and at least seventy residents were injured in areas in the northern and eastern parts of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian medical sources in Gaza reported that Israeli soldiers fired artillery shells on Wednesday evening at a Palestinian house killing two children, who are also sisters, and seriously injuring their mother and their sister.

The sources stated that a tank based near the Gaza border line fired a shell at a home which belongs to Okel family, in the Jabalia refugee camp killing to children who were identified as Shahed Sameer Okel, 3, and her sister Mary, 9.

Asma’, the mother of the two children, and their other sister, were seriously injured in the attack. They were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.  

Also, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, reported on Wednesday evening that residents Majed Habash, 21, Mohammad Sa’ada, 35, Mazin Al Batsh, 25, and Mahmoud Habeeb, 21, were killed by Israeli shells.

Dre. Muawiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, reported that residents Ziad Mohammad Salem, 45, and Adnan Waleed Al Saudi, were also  killed by Israeli shells that targeted residents who gathered in Al Sha’af area in Gaza.    

The two residents died of their wound at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza city.

Dr. Hassanen added that the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday reached twenty-two, including children. At least 75 residents were injured, including 17 who are currently in serious conditions.

Resident killed, two injured in Gaza, death toll rises to fourteen on Wednesday         
Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies – Wednesday, 26 July 2006, 17:25
Palestinian medical sources in Gaza City reported on Wednesday at noon that one resident was killed and at least two were injured in an Israeli air strike that targeted a residential area in Gaza. Number of Palestinians killed on Wednesday in the Gaza Strip rose to fourteen, among them a 3-year old child.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli air force fired at least two missiles at a fuel station in Salah Ed Deen Street, on Wednesday afternoon, killing one resident and injuring two others. The body of the killed resident was severely mutilated.

Ambulances and civil defense vehicles that rushed to the area were also subjected to Israeli military fire, medical sources added.

The number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli forces on Wednesday in the Gaza Strip, has arrived to fourteen, including two children, at least 31 residents were injured.   

Thirteen residents killed, at least 40 injured in the Gaza Strip
Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies – Wednesday, 26 July 2006, 15:47

Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported that the number of residents killed in the continuous Israeli attack in Al Shujaeyya area, east of Gaza City has arrived to thirteen and at least forty residents were injured.

A statement released and published by the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fateh, revealed that one fighter was killed and several fighters and residents were injured in an Israeli air strike that targeted a group of residents and fighters near Bahloul station, in Salah Ed Deen Street, east of Gaza City.

Eyewitnesses reported that military Apache helicopters fired at least two missiles at the residents and fighters who were gathering there.

Army also shelled Jabal Al Rayyes area in Gaza.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, five Palestinians including a 3-year old child, were killed and at least ten were injured in an Israeli air strike in Gaza.

The five killed residents were identified as Salaam Al So’udy, Yahia Al So’udy, Husam Al So’udy, Saleh Hassanen, and the three-year old child girl Sabah Habeeb.

In Salah Ed Deen Street, one fighter identified as Yasser Khamees Banat, 22, was killed, and two residents were injured in an Israeli air strike.

In Al Sha’af area in Gaza, three fighters were killed after being targeting by the Israeli air force. The three were identified as Mohammad Al Bahteeny, Nabil Zeino and Hani Hjeila. Israeli army source claimed that the three were on their way to fire homemade shells at Israeli settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

One resident, identified as Mohammad Sobhy Haniyya, was killed in a separate Israeli air strike in Al Shujaeyya neighborhood, east of Gaza city.

In Jabalia town, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, one member of the executive force that belongs to the Ministry of Interior was killed, in Al Qarm area, by an Israeli missile fired from a military apache. The member was identified as Mohammad Adas.

Moreover, troops carried a limited invasion into Jabalia through Abu Safiyya area, east of the town, and bulldozed roads and farmlands.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health appealed the residents to donate blood since Gaza hospitals are lacking blood as a result of the vast number of injuries due to the continuous Israeli attacks.

The ministry reported that soldiers are using bombs that include acids and phosphor which is international barred.

Also, the ministry added that several residents lost parts of their bodies while the bodies of the killed residents were severely mutilated and burnt.

Overnight, the army shelled a house that belongs to Al Nijma family and shelled several areas in Al Shujaeyya neighborhood. The house was completely damaged; soldiers claim that it was used for storing weapons.

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, demanded Israel to stop its military aggression that is mainly targeting and harming civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Before heading to Algeria through Jordan, Abbas said that the Israeli targeting of civilians and children complicates the situation and pushes the area into further violence and instability.

Ten killed, scores injured in an army air strike on Gaza
Ghassan H Bannoura- IMEMC& Agencies, 12:05

Ten residents were killed and scores were injured in Israeli air strikes and tank shellings that targeting several areas in the Gaza strip Wednesday morning.

Army tanks shelled residential areas in the Al Shoga’ia neighborhood at dawn Wednesday, killing seven, including one child and three from same family. The family members were identified as Yiah, Azam  and Hisham Al So’od. Eight other residents were injured, three of them critically.

Also early Wednesday morning, an Israeli spy plane fired a missile at a car on the Salah Al Deen road in Central Gaza, killing a man identified as Yasser Banat.

Israeli jetfighters shelled a Palestinian security force post in northern Gaza City, killing one officer and injuring five. The officer was identified as Mohamed Adas.

Israeli warplanes shelled the Al Shaghaf residential area in Gaza City, killing Mohamed Al Bahtiti.

According to eyewitnesses, the warplanes targeted a group of residents standing in front of their houses. With this latest attack, the death toll, as of late morning, stands at ten dead and forty injured

Palestinian security forces reported eight attacks across Gaza City Wednesday morning, which critically injured eleven.

Medical sources from the Shifa Hospital in the city reported that many of the bodies were decapitated and badly burned.

Meanwhile, tanks stationed on the Gazan-Israeli border continue to shell eastern areas of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, with residential areas and farm lands being targeted.