Israeli troops killed on twenty-four Palestinians, including three children, on Wednesday, and injured at least 70 residents in Al Sha’af in Al Shijaeeya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, Palestinian medical and security sources reported. List of casualties is included in the report.

The Israeli attack started on Wednesday at dawn after dozens of tanks and armored vehicles invaded the area under air coverage by Israeli helicopters.
Tanks shells, missiles and rounds of heavy ammunition that targeted houses, streets and facilities were heard, seen and felt in Gaza all day long.

A source at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City reported that the hospital received 24 bodies, including the bodies of three children, two of them brothers, and the body of their mother who died of her wounds later on. The mother and her children, including one who is currently in a serious condition, were injured after an Israeli military shell hit their house in the Jabalia refugee camp, in the norther part of the Gaza Strip.
Khaled Radi, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, reported that 70 residents were hospitalized, including twelve who are in critical conditions.

Radi added that 14 Palestinians suffered permanent disabilities after losing parts of their bodies due to the Israeli shelling.
Following is a list of residents killed in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, the list was published by the Palestinian Ministry of health;

1.Bara’ Sabah Habeeb, child, 3 years old.
2.Yasser banat, 23. member of the Islamic Jihad.
3.Mohammad Adas, 26, member of the P.A Executive Force.
4.Yahia Al Saudi, 30, member of Hamas.
5.Husam Al Saudi, 31, member of Hamas.
6.Salaam Al Saudi, 29, member of Hamas.
7.Adnan Waleed Al Saudi, 29, member of Hamas.
8.Mohammad Al Bahteeny, 35, member of the Islamic Jihad.
9.Mohammad Haniyya, 25, civilian.
10.Nabeel Zeino, 21, civilian.
11.Hani Hjeila, 18, civilian.
12.Nafeth Hannouna, member of Salah Ed Deen Brigades.
13.Mahmoud Mohammad Al Barnash, 23, member of Hamas.
14.Mohammad Anwar Sa’da, member of the Islamic Jihad.
15.Majed Habash, 30, member of the Hamas.
16.Mahmoud Nahedh Habeen 29, member of the Islamic Jihad.
17.Shahd Okal, child, 9 years old.
18.Maria Okal, child, 3 years old.
19.Asma’ Ali Okal, 33, civilain, the mother of Shahd and Maria.
20.Saleh Hassanen, 20, civilian.
21.Ziad Mohammad Salem, 50 civilian.
22.Malik Moheeb Al Mash-harawi, 18, civilian.
23.Nael Abu Assy, 20, member of the Salah Ed Deen Brigades.
24.Unidentifed resident, handicapped found killed by Israeli missile in northern Gaza.