An official source from Hamas, who wished to remain anonymous, told PNN Thursday that the captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, will not be released until Israeli authorities respond to the conditions for a prisoner exchange. The source said that the Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation, “will not be undermined in any way.”


This news comes in the wake of a vast array of rumors, the latest of which was a statement by Palestinian Security Advisor Jabril Rajoub. He suggested that Shalit could be released next week.

The source further explained that Hamas has not conducted any negotiations for the release of the soldier because has shown no seriousness in resolving the issue in a peaceful manner.

He added, “All we are asking for is the release of our sons and brothers who are languishing in the dark cells of the Israeli occupation prisons. We want to resolve the issue diplomatically; in fact it is who is not cooperating.”