The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced Friday that the outcome of the two-day Israeli campaign against Al Sha’af and Al Tuffah areas in eastern Gaza City. The Ministry reported that Israeli forces killed 29 Palestinians, including seven children and five women, in less than 48 hours.

In a statement released Friday, the Ministry also reported that Israeli forces injured at least 128 Palestinians during that two-day bombardment of the area. Among the injured, 17 are in critical condition, 24 underwent major surgeries and nine people required their limbs to be amputated. Thirty-seven of the injured are children.

The Ministry explained that the remains of some people arrived sliced into pieces or blow apart in such a way that they are unidentifiable. One Palestinian could become thousands of fragments with no identifying features as a result of unconventional, and standard, weapons.

Several burn cases arrived, some second and third degree, and others with severe destruction of the muscle tissue, blood vessels and nerves. These types of cases required amputation.

Incendiary and fragmenting weapons destroyed bodies, as did chemical and other toxic weapons. The Ministry of Health issued a strong condemnation of the Israeli violation of humanitarian law and humanity in this two-day killing spree that targeted homes, hospitals, ambulance crews and journalists.

After seeing the children killed, the Ministry hopes that the international community will take a stand to investigate at least these crimes.