Israeli air force fired missiles, on Saturday, at the area of Al Safeer, in Al Dahia Al Janoubiyya area in Beirut, and shelled Jarhou’ area in southern Lebanon.

Also, troops shells Al Assy Bridge, north east of Lebanon and completely destroyed it.

Soldiers shelled the villages of Jabal Abu Rashid, Borka, Jbour and Al Nahry in Al Biqa plains, at least four Lebanese were injured in Al Nahry village.

In a separate attack, soldiers shelled Sahl Al Khiyam, in Marj Oyoun area, in southern Lebanon.
Troops also fired artillery shells at Al Tayba and Markaba villages in southern Lebanon, while Israeli marines shelled Sour city and several surrounding villages.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said that the Israeli air force shelled 51 targets overnight and on Saturday at dawn, and destroyed ay least 37 building used by Hezbollah fighters, according to the sources.

Clashes between Hezbollah fighters and Israeli soldiers were reported on Saturday morning while the Israeli army was operating in Bint Jbeil, sources reported that seven soldiers were hurt.

According to Israeli army sources, 26 Hezbollah fighters were killed in Friday clashes with Israeli troops in the areas of Maroun Al Ras, Bint Jbeil and Eitaroun. 

On Friday, 14 Lebanese were killed by Israeli shells that were concentrated on southern Lebanon, Al Nabatiyya and Sour in addition to areas in Al Biqa plains. 

At least nine Israeli soldiers were killed and 22 were injured over the last two days.