Friday afternoon, fighters of Hezbollah party attacked several Israeli military vehicles and tanks stationed in Maroun Al Ras and Eitaron areas in southern Lebanon.  Hezbollah fighters said they shot down an Israeli drone.


An Israeli military source reported that a drone was damaged but added that the accident was due to a technical error.

Also, at least six soldiers were injured, two seriously in clashes with Hezbollah fighters in the area.

Lebanese police sources reported that ten Israeli tanks withdrew from Masoud Hill, at the southern entrance of Bint Jbeil town and headed to Maroun Al Ras area, some three kilometers away.

The Israeli army has been controlling Maroun Al Ras for several days, yet in spite of the Israeli military presence there, further clashes have been reported.

On Friday, the Israeli army fired at least 300 shells at southern Lebanon, and fired at least 150 shells at Eitraon near Bint Jbeil village. 

Meanwhile, Hezbollah said it fired a new rocket, called the Khaibar-1, striking near the Israeli town of Afula, south of Haifa on Friday, the Qatar-based Aljazeera reported.

Israeli police sources said that 97 rockets were fired intro Israel on Friday; at least one missile carrying 100kg explosives hit Affula Israel town.

According to Israeli army sources, soldiers have killed at least 200 fighters of Hezbollah during the 17 days of fighting in Lebanon.  Hezbollah has announced the death of 32 of its fighters.

Also, Lebanese police said that Israel had carried out more than 130 air strikes on Friday, killing at least 13 civilians and wounding dozens.