As Israeli airplanes continue to rain bombs down upon all parts of southern Lebanon, killing dozens of civilians today alone, the attempts at ground invasions have continued to prove difficult, with Hezbollah fighters putting up heavy resistance to Israeli ground forces.

At least eight Israeli soldiers from the elite ‘Golani’ unit were killed in the clash, according to the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah.

Lebanese media sources said that the Hezbollah resistance fighters chased the Israeli forces from one place to another near the Habish School, 700 metres away from the central part of the town of At-Taybah, until the Israeli soldiers were forced to take refuge in a house.  The Lebanese resistance fighters then reportedly hit the house with a rocket, destroying it over the heads of the soldiers, killing eight.

During the battle, the Israeli airforce continued to drop bombs on the town, as well as firing at Lebanese resistance fighters from Apache helicopters.  Missiles were fired at the town as Apache helicopters landed to retrieve the dead and injured soldiers.

Israeli forces have made multiple attempts, with hundreds of tanks, to invade southern Lebanon and maintain a military occupation there over the last two weeks, but the attempts have thus far proved unsuccessful.