The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) released a report stating there are currently dozens of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons who were arrested “in peace times” and before the Oslo agreements, but Israel refuses to release them. The statement was released July 29 which is the 30th anniversary of Nablus resident Sa’id Al Ataba detention behind Israeli bars.

“The Oslo agreements have failed to release 450 detainees after Israel refused to release them”, the PPS reported.

After the outbreak of Al Aqsa Intifada (the second Intifada) in 2000, Israel filled 30 prisons and detention centers with thousands of detainees living under very difficult conditions and facing abuse and torture.

The number of Palestinian detainees currently imprisoned in Israel is over 10.000, among them 124 female detainees, 400 children, and 1200 detainees under administrative detention orders without charges or trial.

Hundreds of detainees are sick, handicapped, and are not receiving the needed medication and medical treatment, the PPS reports.

The PPS added that 30 years after the Israeli army arrested Sa’id Al Ataba, and with the current crisis involving a possible prisoners swap, the world should know that the time has arrived to end suffering of the Palestinian and Lebanese detainees.   

The PPS added that the detainees’ case is one of the world’s biggest humanitarian issues that should be included in any peace agreement.

“Any real peace agreement will be meaningless of its excludes the release of all detainees”, the PPS reported, “they should be dealt with as fighters for freedom and not as criminals, any solution without the detainees will lead to further revolutions.”

It is worth mentioning that there are 46 detainees who were arrested by Israel more than twenty years ago, including seven who were arrested more than 25 years ago.

The detainees who were arrested at least twenty years ago are;

1.Said Al Ataba.
2.Nael Al Barghouthi.
3.Fakhry Al Barghouthi.
4.Sameer Quntar.
5.Akram Mansour.
6.Mohammad Abu Ali Yatta.
7.Fuad Al Rozlum.
8.Ibrahim Jaber.
9.Hasan Salma.
10.Othman Musleh.
11.Sami Younis.
12.Karam Younis.
13.Maher Younis.
14.Salim Al Kayyal.
15.Hafith Qondos.
16.Issa Abed Rabbo.
17.Mohammad Mansour.
18.Ahmad Shihada.
19.Mohammad Nassr.
20.Rafe’ Karaga.
21.Talal Abu Al kabash.
22.Ziad Ghenimat.
23.Mustafa Ghneimat.
24.Khaled Ab u Shamat.
25.Othman Bani hasan.
26.Hazza’ Al Sa’adi.
27.Basheer Al Maqt.
28.Asim Wally.
29.Seetan Wally.
30.Sidqy Al Maqt.
31.Hani Jaber.
32.Mohammad Al Tous.
33.Nafeth haraz.
34.Fayez Al Khour.
35.Ghazi Al Nims.
36.Ahmad Abu Haseera.
37.Mohammad Ashour.
38.Waleed Daqqa.
39.Mohammad Al Hanny.
40.Tawfiq Abdullah.
41.Mustafa Qaroush.
42.Roshy Abu Mokh.
43.Ibrahim Abu Mokh.
44.Ibrahim Biadsa.
45.Ibrahim Baroud.
46.Ala’ Al Balzian.