Fifteen Palestinian local radio stations from all over the West Bank and Gaza strip have designated Monday as a day of solidarity with the Lebanese people.
The joint broadcast, called Palestine and Lebanon: The Blood and the Determination, aired its first show at 9:00 am Monday morning. 

"The opening of the airwaves is a way to show solidarity with the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples and the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance. It is also a way of showing the Israeli crimes to the world", Saleh Al Masri, director of the Voice of Jerusalem radio station in Gaza City, said.

The participating stations include Jerusalem, Al Eman, Alwan, Al Omah and Gaza Fm in Gaza City, Without Borders in Bethlehem, Marah in Hebron, Farah Radio in Jenin, Nablus Radio in Nablus, Al Qamar in Jericho, Kul Annas in Tulkarem, Nagham in Qalqilia and Amwaj in Ramallah.

Al Masri explained that the day of solidarity will focus on the crimes and massacres of the Israeli occupation by hosting political and religious figures, journalists and Arab and Palestinian analysts. Some of the local station broadcasts will reach neighboring countries.