The Palestine News Network reported on Monday that at least 2320 detainees in the Israeli Negev detention Facility, announced a one day Hunger Strike in protest to the Israeli attacks in Lebanon and Gaza, and in solidarity with the two peoples. The detainees are also protesting against the illegal practices against them.

The detainees in twenty sections decided to return the three meals on Monday and condemned the Sunday attack in Qana, in Lebanon. At least 60, including 37 children, were killed after the Israeli air force shelled a building filled with civilians, in the town.

The detainees also said that the strike comes in protest to the continuous hostility against them by the soldiers and the prison administration, especially after the army confined detainee Sameer Ajaj to solitary. Ajaj was supposed to be hospitalized after his health condition deteriorated.

He suffers from a disease in his Kidneys; last Thursday. Soldiers told representatives of the detainees that they want to transfer Ajaj to a hospital, but it was revealed later on that they placed him on a stretcher and took him to a cell in another section in the detention facility.     

On Sunday, Ajaj was transferred back to the section where he was before, and was not provided with any medical attention or treatment.

Currently, there are at least 50 detainees who suffer from chronic diseases, and other diseases in their eyes or other parts of their bodies. They are only provided with painkilling pills and are deprived of their rights to receive the proper and needed medical treatment.

Moreover,the detainees are protesting against the Israeli policy of renewing administrative detention orders against several detainees shortly after handing them their release documents.

On Sunday, detainee Imad Abu Hawwash, received an official notice that he will be released on Monday, but  by midnight soldiers informed him that his administrative detention order was renewed.

Detainees under administrative detention orders are not allowed to know what “charges” they are accused of, the detention period could initially start with three or six months.

On Friday, soldiers transferred two detainees to solitary confinement and severely attacked and clubbed one of them. The two detainees were identified as  Taher Hanani, from Beit Forik, near the West Bank City of Nablus, and Nidal Abu Al Rob, from Jenin.

Abu Al Rob was attacked by five interrogators who punched and kicked him causing several bruises and concisions to various parts of his body.