Hezbollah said it had managed to destroy an Israeli military boat near the shores of Tyre Tuesday night. The ship’s model is Sa’ar 4.5 and had some 53 crew members on it when it was hit and Israeli boats hurried to their rescue; the Hezbollah affiliated Al-Manar TV said.

On the other hand, denied that any of its boats was hit.

Al-Manar TV said this is the beginning “only” of the response to the killing of more than 60 Lebanese civilians in the village of Qana on Sunday by Israeli air strikes.

The United Nations Security Council failed to condemn the Israeli attack against Qana after claimed they targeted village to stop Hezbollah’s rockets.  Over 1300 rockets have been fired into in the past three weeks.

On July 14, Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah declared that his fighters destroyed an Israeli warship in the Mediterranean.

Israeli military censor issued a statement ordering all media in to comply with military censorship, which prohibits the media from covering hits against the Israeli military installations.

The war on started on July 12, after Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers inside Lebanese borders neat Ayta Shaab village.

’s immediate response was to destroy bridges and to attack the Beirut airport saying to prevent moving the two prisoners to or , who support Hezbollah.

So far around 750 Lebanese the vast majority of them were civilians and around 50 Israelis most of them were soldiers have been killed since the onset of the war on .