Although Israel had declared a 48-hour suspension of air raids after it was universally condemned for the bombing in Qana, the IAF has continued to bomb Southern villages on the Kfar Kila-Adaysseh axis on Monday, along with shelling and ground fighting. The bombing in Qana killed at least 54 people, 37 children among them.

According to the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, Israeli planes dropped two bombs on Lebanon to support ground troops battling Hezbullah near the border, and artillery shells hit two Southern frontier villages, Ramiyeh and Aita al-Shaab.

Israel also claimed that it carried out an air strike in support of the ground operation near the southeastern Lebanese border village of Taibeh.

"The Taibeh air raid does not contradict that announcement as we never said we would suspend all strikes completely. We said that we could continue to protect our civilians and our soldiers," an  Army spokesman said.

The spokesman denied the air strikes violated the suspension agreement, saying they hit "only uninhabited zones in order to prevent attacks against ground troops."

 * sourced from Ma’an, Al Jazeera, Ha’Aretz