Thursday, two Israeli soldiers were killed and at least 13 were injured in fierce gun battles with Hezbollah fighters in Eita Al Sha’ab area, and in several villages in southern Lebanon. One Israeli resident was killed, two were seriously injured after Katusha rockets slammed into Acre, north of Israel.

Fierce clashes took place on Thursday morning as the Israeli tanks and armored vehicles advanced slowly into southern Lebanon in order to avoid land mines and traps set up by Hezbollah fighters. Troops also placed sand hills in order to station the tanks behind them in an attempt to avoid direct hits by Hezbollah Katusha shells.

The clashes were concentrated in an area that links between Eita Al Sha’ab, Khallit Warda, and Al Taiba area. Hezbollah gunmen said that managed to destroy two Israeli tanks and one military bulldozer.
An Israeli military source reported that the army is expanding its invasion into southern Lebanon using six brigades, including reserve units in an attempt to destroy Hezbollah posts and constructions used for storing weapons and ammunition, according to the source.

On Thursday afternoon, one Israeli man, identified as Dave Lalchuk, 52, from Kibbutz Sa’ar, was killed, at least 16 Israelis, three moderately, were injured in the attacks.

Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that at least 30 shells were fired across the north on Thursday, the shells struck Haifa, Kiryat Shmoneh, Ma’alot and the Golan Heights.  

Three rockets hit Kiryat Shmoneh, two hit Haifa and Acre, eights hit Ma’alot before dawn, and three rockets hit homes in northern Israel, Haaretz added.

Also, Israeli military sources reported that long-range rockets and missiles also fell in a West Bank area between Jenin, north of the west Bank, no injuries were reported.

This was the furthest from Lebanon a missile fired by Hezbollah has reached so far, military sources added.

Moreover, one Israeli soldier was killed on Wednesday, four were injured, after being ambushed by Hezbollah fighters in Eita AL Sha’ab village. Injuries toll among the soldiers on Wednesday arrived to 14.