Israeli warplanes bombed four bridges early Friday, killing 5 people and wounding nearly 20, AlJazeera reported. The bridges, located on the coastal highway in Northern Beirut were practically the last remaining roads in and out of the country, as Israel had already destroyed roads leading to border crossings in the eastern part of Lebanon, striking them on Friday for a second time.

According to the Daily Star, police and Red Cross officials stated that there is a possibly more than five people were killed but could be still buried under the rubble.

Aid agencies fear Israel’s attacks on the bridges will slow down the delivery of supplies, AlJazeera reported.  "It’s really a major setback because we used this highway to move staff and supplies into the country, if we don’t have new material coming in, we will basically be paralysed," said Astrid
van Genderen Stort of the UN refugee agency UNHCR.

Also on Friday, Israeli warplanes killed one Lebanese soldier and wounded three others in the southern Shia suburb of Ouzai.

In the Bekaa Valley and surrounding areas in the South, electricity was cut after Israeli air strikes bombed a major power supplier on the Litani Dam, making it the third power station to be hit in Lebanon since the start of the attack, the Daily Star reported.