Lebanese officials reported on Friday that at least 33 Lebanese and Syrian farmworkers were killed after the Israeli air force fired missiles at vehicles in a farm near the Lebanon-Syrian borders, at least twenty people were injured in the strike. Several Israelis, including Arab Druze residents were killed by Hezbollah Katusha rockets.

Correspondent of the Qatar based Al Jazeera TV in Lebanon reported that the trucks gathered in the area in order to transport supplies to the civilians in Lebanon.

The attack on the border created one of the highest death tolls since the Israeli army started its military offensive three weeks ago after fighters of the Lebanon based Hezbollah party  captured two Israeli soldiers.
Israeli online daily Haaretz, reported on Friday that three people were killed and 29 were wounded, including one critically and three seriously.

Haaretz added that Hezbollah fighters fired more than 200 Katusha rockets into northern Israel on Friday afternoon.

A 27-year old Druze woman, identified as Manal Azzam, was killed in the Arab Druze village of Maghar in the Lower Galilee, near Tiberias, when a rocket hit an adjacent apartment. Her children sustained mild injuries, while two more residents sustained serious wounds in the strike.

The the Majdal Al Krum Druze village, two people were killed, several others were injured, when a shell hit a restaurant there.

News of the attack came as two Israelis were also killed in further rocket attacks on northern Israel by Hezbollah fighters.

Hezbollah fighters fired at least 120 rockets on Friday, killing one woman in the Arab village of Mugharm and an Israeli man also died near the town of Kiryat Shmona, Israeli police reported.

Another resident was killed in the northern Arab village of Majdel Krum, reports said.

Moreover, Hezbollah sources reported that fighters killed five Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon, and that the fighters destroyed a tank in Aita Al Sha’ab Lebanese village.
Israeli attacks also continued in Lebanon on Friday, with Israeli aircraft bombing bridges and other targets in the north and south of the country, the Qatar based Al Jazeera TV reported.

Soldiers attacked bridges along the Lebanese coastal highway that connects Beirut with the north of Lebanon. The main bridge is located near "Casino du Liban," in the Christian port of Juniyeh, two other bridges along the same road were shelled.

At least five civlians were killed in the strikes and more than 10 were injured, the International Committee for the Red Cross aid agency reported.