At least five Lebanese people were killed and twenty were injured in a recent Israeli air strike that targeted several areas across Lebanon. At the same time, heavy fighting between Hezbollah fighters and Israeli soldiers is taking place in southern Lebanon.

Medical sources in Lebanon reported that the latest strike that killed five, has raised the number of casualties in Lebanon to 900, the vast majority of them are civilians, including children.

Earlier on Friday, soldiers shelled several targets in Ouzai, which is suburb that is heavily populated by by Shia residents. One Lebanese soldier was killed and three were injured.

The air strikes were accompanied by an escalation of of ground operations and clashes with Hezbollah fighters in several areas in southern Lebanon. The Israeli army advanced into the area for a distance of 3 km.
Also on Friday, Hezbollah fighters said that six Israeli soldiers were killed in the villages of Markaba and Eita Al Sha’ab in southern Lebanon. Ten Israeli soldiers were killed over the last two days.

Fighters also destroyed an Israeli Markava tank, and detonated several roadside bombs in the clashes. An Israeli troop carrier was also destroyed earlier on Friday.

Meanwhile, Israel army sources reported that soldiers controlled an area that includes twenty Lebanese villages,  6 -7 Kilometers away from the borders.