Marty Wrin, Boston-based activist and Grassroots International staff member walked over 120 miles in 36 hours to raise money and awareness to ship medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in Palestine.

Grassroots International said Wrin met his goals of raising awareness and funds for humanitarian relief efforts in Palestine, adding it has received an outpouring of support for the shipment of medical supplies to war-weary Palestinians.

Grassroots International’s original goal of raising $20,000 for the shipping costs was exceeded and a second shipment is planned. In total, Grassroots International will ship one million dollars worth of medical supplies to its non-governmental partner, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society.

Wrin set out from Grassroots International’s office in Jamaica Plain at 10 p.m. on Friday, August 4. He walked on Rte. 3A to the Sagamore Bridge, and then on Rte. 6A for most of the length of the Cape.

He arrived in Provincetown with blistered feet, sunburned body and was both physically and mentally exhausted. "I didn’t realise how difficult this would be until I was actually doing it and was becoming increasingly fatigued. After so many hours of not knowing if I could actually finish, I was relieved and excited to see the first sign indicating I had made it to Provincetown."

Grassroots International is a Boston based non-profit supporting human rights and economic development through partnerships with community organisations around the world. it has been working in Palestine for the last 23 years. While walking through two consecutive nights, Wrin had a lot of time to ponder and reflect on the contrasts between the peaceful, well-lit towns he saw and the Palestinian towns that, at that same moment, were without electricity and water.

As a local activist as well as an employee of Grassroots International, Wrin is involved with many community projects and is an Executive Committee member of Whats Up Magazine, Board Member of Egleston Square Main Street, and co-founder of Conscious Consuming (a local non-profit that hosts author talks, potlucks and Gift It Up! – Boston’s Alternative Gift Fair).

"I did this walk because I am moved by the plight of the Palestinian people and feel that their human right to health should not be sacrificed. I hope that my small actions will influence others to reach out a helping hand as well," said Wrin.

*this article was reprinted from the Palestinian News Agency, WAFA