It had been reported that the agreement between the prime ministers of Lebanon and Israel has been reached to stop the hostilities by Monday, August 14.  As part of the agreement the UN will deploy up to 15,000 troops to help implement the ceasefire. Nevertheless, Israel claims that it will continue its operations in Lebanon on Sunday in the attempt of clearing out Hezbollah in the South of Lebanon.

Lebanese authorities claim that at least 5 civilians, including a mother, her three children and their Sri Lankan maid were killed when Israeli bombs hit their home in the southern village of Buri El-Shemali on Saturday night.


Moreover, at least 9 were wounded by the series of Israeli shelling over night on Saturday.


Meanwhile, 19 Israeli soldiers were killed by Hezbollah shelling. It was reported to be the heaviest Israeli loss in a single day since the start of the conflict.


Five other Israeli soldiers were reported missing and presumed dead after their helicopter was shot down.


Israeli strikes have also demolished a four-story building in the city of Tyre in southern Lebanon early Sunday morning. Other Israeli attacks on homes, bridges and petrol stations occurred as Israeli troops clashed with Hezbollah fighters near the port city of Tyre.

Israeli troops expanded to at least 30,000 troops in the southern part of Lebanon. Military officials claim that this is the largest air operation ever.

It has also been reported that even though agreements have taken place, it is very uncertain when cease fire will take place.


Since the beginning of the war in Lebanon more than 1,200 Lebanese have been killed and more than one million have been displaced.