A Palestinian man who admitted that he had been collaborating with Israeli forces to spy on his fellow Palestinians — giving them information on the locations of at least two resistance fighters (leading to the assassinations of the two fighters) — was publicly executed on Sunday in Jenin, in the northern West Bank.

Armed members of the Al Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, executed a 26-year old man who admitted that he collaborated with the Israeli security forces. The man, from the Jenin refugee camp, said that he gave the Israeli forces information that led to the Israeli assassination of two leaders of the brigades.

A group of gunmen belonging to the so-called " fact finding unit" of the Brigades dragged Basim Mallah, 26 from the town of Faqqu’ah in eastern Jenin, with his hands tied behind his back and blindfolded, to the grounds of a mosque in Jenin. There, they shot him dead in front of a crowd of witnesses.

After that, the group of bystanders shouted " Allahu Akbar" and the mother of one of the assassinated leaders spat on the collaborator’s body.

Dozens of Palestinians tried to hang the body, but a group of armed men stopped them.

Ma’an News Agency reported that Al Quds Brigades sources told them that the dead collaborator had admitted in a filmed interrogation that he had given information to Israeli security forces. The Israelis used that information to set up the assassination of Muhammad ‘Atiq and Amjad Al ‘Ajami a few days ago.

*this article was sourced from local sources and the Ma’an News Agency