Dozens of settlers of Oranit settlement, near the West Bank city of Qalqilia, uprooted olive trees that belong to residents of nearby villages that became isolated behind the annexation Wall, and installed barracks for sheep and cows in the location of the uprooted trees.

The residents filed a complaint to the Red Cross Society and asked them to visit the attacked orchards in order to see the losses they encountered.

After applying to the Israeli authorities, a Red Cross team was able to visit the attacked orchards, isolated behind the annexation Wall, and found out that the settlers installed barracks for horses and cows after uprooting dozens of Olive trees.
The Israeli officer of the so-called Civil Administration department that belongs to the Israeli army did not instruct the soldiers to remove the illegal barracks, and the setters remain there, the Palestine News Agency reported.

Oranit settlement is close to the Green Line separating the occupied West Bank from Israel; it was installed on lands annexed from the residents of Izbit Suleiman, Snieria, and Azzoun Atma. The three villages are now completely isolated behind the Annexation Wall.