Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses report that Israeli forces invaded Bethlehem’s Aida Refugee Camp early Tuesday. The Israeli Wall lines the northern edge of the camp and Rachel’s Tomb military installation is to the east.

Aida Camp had suffered numerous Israeli raids during the early years of the second Intifada. At this time, although there is not as much violence and destruction on the part of the Israelis,  incursions, incitements and arrests continue almost daily..

On Tuesday six military patrols invaded the camp after blocking its entrances to Bethlehem and neighboring Beit Jala. Israeli soldiers forced several residents from their homes after breaking in, conducted searches and tampered with personal property.

The soldiers kept the refugees outside in the narrow alleyways of the camp, and then blindfolded two young men, put them in the backs of jeeps, and took them to unknown locations.

Later on Tuesday, Israeli forces returned to Aida Refugee Camp and opened fire while several young people threw stones at the jeeps and the soldiers. Israeli soldiers fired gas and rubber bullets at the young and children as they threw stones . No severe injuries were reported.

Despite the nonviolent resistance against the Wall, Israeli forces built it rapidly in order to implement the closure of northern Bethlehem. Now Israeli forces are concentrating on the south and west, building the Wall in Al Khader Village and Beit Jala respectively.

In Al Khader, non-violent resistance demonstrations against the theft of land and the installing of the wall, take place every Friday. They are organized by the people of Al Khader  village and attended by Israeli activists and Internationals.