Israeli soldiers occupying the eastern Bethlehem District’s Wadi Nar Checkpoint, also known as The Container, detained a Nablus professor yesterday.


Wednesday afternoon An Najah University School of Journalism professor, Dr. Farid Abdel Fatah Abu Sher, 42, was heading to a press conference in Hebron.

An Najah is in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, while Hebron is in the southern West Bank. Between them, along the only route open to Palestinians, is Bethlehem.

Abu Sher’s wife told PNN Thursday that Israeli forces had been holding her husband at the checkpoint however she lost communication with him and was unsure whether or not he had been arrested.

Mrs. Abu Sher issued a formal complaint and contacted prison support lawyers in attempts to get information on the professor’s whereabouts.

Four months ago Dr. Abu Sher attempted to participate in the Jordan Media Conference. Israeli soldiers occupying the border crossing between the West Bank and would not allow him to pass.