Israeli army troops stormed the West Bank city of Jenin and the nearby village of Azzon Thursday morning and took 12 prisoners.
More than 20 army vehicles invaded both the city and the village, and shot randomly at residents’ homes. Soldiers conducted a house-to-house search campaign taking 10 residents said to be members of Hamas.

Among the detainee three members of the municipal council, the mayor Wajeh Qawass, Dr. Hashem Al Massri, and Bilal Sowilwm, also known from the detained Samih A’afanah, Tariq Muwafi, A’arif Nofal, Iyad Nofal, Ghassan Shreim, Muhammad Daoud, Wafa Houtari, Muhammad Rouben and Muhammad Zeid were all taken to an unknown location, eyewitnesses reported.   

Meanwhile, another force invaded Azzon village east of Qalqilia city and arrested brothers Ahmad and Muhammad Odwan after searching scores of houses including theirs, local sources reported.