Sunday at dawn, Israeli soldiers broke into the house of Dr. Taiseer
Zahda, in Tal Romeida neighborhood, in the center of Hebron, in the
southern part of the West Bank, attacked him and his family with
batons, Palestinian media sources in Hebron reported.

Dr. Zahda said that soldiers attacked him and his family directly after breaking into his house and ransacking it. His sons suffered concussions and bruises after being clubbed by the soldiers.

Dr. Zahda added that soldiers and settlers have carried repeated attacks in the area, and that his house was repeatedly occupied by soldiers and settlers in separate incidents. 

The house of Dr. Zahda is localed near a road that the settlers use in moving between Tal Romedia and the Old City of Hebron.

The settlers are attempting to expand their illegal settlement outpost in Tal Romedia by occupying the home of Dr. Zahda and several surrounding houses.

The neighborhood includes several archaeological sites that the settlers are trying to control by forcing the Palestinian residents out.