The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) displayed new footage and
photographs Monday of missing Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad, who
disappeared in 1986 when his plane was shot down over Lebanon.

The previously unseen still photographs and video footage of Arad appeared in a trailer promoting a program that will air on the station in the coming days.

The promo did not mention when the photographs were taken and how they reached the television station.

In the pictures and footage, Arad has a beard, which indicates that the photographs were not taken immediately after he was taken captive.  According to Saudi-owned LBC, the pictures of Arad are exclusive.

Israeli television producer Naphtali Glicksberg told the Israeli Army Radio on Tuesday that he viewed the video footage showing Arad about a year ago. "I think this is authentic footage," he said. "Not only does the person resemble [Arad], the soundtrack is of a Hebrew-speaking [man], it sounds like Ron Arad, I believe this is really him."

According to the producer, the Lebanese producer refused to give any more details of the source of the tape, and also turned down his request to take the footage for scanning in Israel.

Glicksberg said also that the documentary was planned to be aired four months ago, and that he was surprised to see the trailer on Monday night. "I wouldn't be surprised if the airing of the documentary is a strategic decision by Lebanon," he said.

In addition to Arad's photograph, the promo includes images from Hezbollah's abduction of three Israeli troops in October 2000.