Palestinian medical sources in Gaza City reported that the Israeli air
force fired one missile at a group of residents in Al Shujaeyya
neighborhood, east of Gaza City, killing three Palestinians and
injuring several residents, some seriously.

A source at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza reported that the bodies of the three residents were severely mutilated as a result of the blast.

Several residents, including children, were injured in the attack.

Meanwhile, troops continued their ground offensive in Al Shujaeyya as dozens of armored vehicles supported by aerial coverage invaded the area and broke into dozens of homes.

Eyewitnesses reported that soldiers topped several buildings and houses using them as military posts and monitoring towers.

Also, Israeli snipers topped several buildings close to the Karni Crossing, east of Al Shujaeyya. Local sources reporters that the snipers are “opening fire at any moving object”.
Soldiers killed eleven Palestinians in Al Shujaeyya since Sunday morning, and at least twenty residents were injured.

The body of one resident, killed on Sunday, remained on the ground as medics were not able to retrieve it as a result of the intensive military presence and attacks.

Moreover, resident Baher Al Dhabba, appealed the Red Cross and Human Rights Organizations to rescue him and his twelve family members since they are held hostages in one room in their house since two days after the soldiers broke into it and used it as a military post and monitoring tower.

The family includes children and elderly, and is running out of food and basic tools.

Clashes never ceased since Sunday as the army continues to advance into the area while firing shells and bulldozing several houses and orchards.