The Palestinian Ministry of Health issued a report on Wednesday on the
Israeli Summer Rains military offensive that started late June 2006, and
revealed that Israeli soldiers killed 224 reisdents, including 62
children, and injured 888 reisdents.

The report showed that 132 males, and 25 females were killed in addition to five reisdents who died at the Rafah Border Crossing after they were stranded there for several weeks due to the israeli complete closure and seige imposed on the Gaza Strip.

32 residents were killed by rounds of live ammunition, 86 died by missiless, 99 died after they were hit by shells fragmentations, and five died at the Rafah Border Crossing. Bodies of 74 residents were severly mutilated.

Over the past three days, 25 reisdents were killed, including 16 who were killed in Al Shujaeyya neighborhoud in Gaza City.

Since Israel started its offensive in the Gaza Strip on June 26, 888 resisdents, including 312 children, were injured; 77 residents had parts of their bodies amputated. 684  reisdents were injured by shells and missiles fired by teh israeli troops.