The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported on Thursday that a
Palestinian refugee was shot and injured by American troops fire in
Iraq. The woman was shot as she was leaving her home in the Palestinian
area in Al Dawra area located in the souther district of Baghdad.

WAFA stated that the woman, was shot by sniper-fire and was transferred to a nearby hospital. Her Husband, Ibrahim Ahmad Al Hawwy, 45, said that she is originally from Ein Ghazal, one of the Palestinian villages that were completely destroyed by Israel in 1948, near Haifa.

The attack is part of a series of attacks against Palestinian refugees in Iraq, the attacks were mainly carried by groups that started targeting the Palestinian refugees in Iraq after warming them to leave the country of face death.

661 attacks were carried against the Palestinian refugees in Iraq, 168 were killed. Five women and seven children are among the dead.

Dozens of refugees were abducted and killed; their bodies had clear marks of torture, and their body parts were chopped. 

Nine refuges are still missing, and 65 are imprisoned by the American, British and Iraqi troops. They are detained without charges, trial or the right to obtain a lawyer to represent them, WAFA stated.